It is not surprising that a large percentage of the world population believe covid is a hoax, because we have a political platform and a certain media landscape which, from the beginning, have cast doubt on the science, doubt in institutions, and doubt and division among citizens, from the very…

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“But among the most fervent conservatives, who play an outsize role in primary contests and provide the party with its activist energy, the belief that the country is at a crossroads that could require armed confrontation is no longer limited to the fringe.”

The Othering is complete, the dehumanizing of…

And, the rest of us, and many, many other species and ecosystems in the world, because sadly, we're all in this together, which is one of the biggest things that entitlement allows us to ignore, the most pernicious thing that entitlement fosters the spread, that we are individuals competing with one another, rather than individuals a part of a much bigger whole, and this is what will do us all in.

A recent poll of nearly 10,000 young people, aged 16-25, revealed that 60% of them think we are all doomed, and they are probably right.

They're doing us all in.

Capitalism, patriarchy, and supremacy are all human-created systems.

They are not natural laws.

And this business has been going on a long time; I venture to say ALL TIME, not just this period or that history, but all of history, just sometimes we put a nice smiley face on it…

How will we train Americans for the jobs of the future?

Please don't say schools.

I'm a teacher and this belief, that schools are for job training, is ruining schools and students and destroying the institution of education.

Schools are not for job training. On the job is where you…

CA Lund

Is anybody out there?

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