Culture Is Malleable, and That’s the Good News

Cogito Ergo Scribo
7 min readSep 19, 2023
the world’s on fire

I have a legitimate question. No bullshit. No funny stuff. A real, serious, sincere and earnest question.

Maybe you can help me?

I have a friend. He is educated. He has a doctorate in philosophy, which is the study of wisdom, the best that humans have come up with in all domains, a kind of meta-discipline, if you will, that takes for its subject matter anything it feels compelled to examine, from science to literature to mathematics and religion and economics and biology and knowledge and meaning and where it all comes from and morality and where that comes from and everything else under the sun.

Philosophy exists for the love of wisdom.

I feel what follows would be different if my friend was a doctor of business administration, or health care policy, psychology, or music.

A medical doctor.

Anything but philosophy.

And, here’s the deal: my friend and his wife are boarding a flight to Italy, hopscotching around Italy before jumping a ship to sail to Greece and around the Mediterranean.

And, then flying home, of course.

Sounds pretty grand, right?

This friend also laments the climate crisis. This friend is informed. Undoubtedly, this…