Empire does not care about its citizens. We assume, wrongly, that the goal of a government is to protect and help its citizens flourish, and not just financially, but this is only more propaganda. The goal of government is to protect profits and ensure the rich get richer, and our (white empire's) response to covid is concrete and blatant evidence of this.

It's a sickeness, really, and a form of mass cultural mental illness, a serious and debilitating mental illness, and it makes all of us sick as well, and not just with covid, but sick in the head, dehumanizing the population under its control and destroying the social bonds, the connection and fabric that makes human society and civilization possible.

America is the perfect example of this, and the consequences are dire, and not just in unnecessary covid deaths, but in the constant litany of death, from gun violence, lack of access to affordable medical care, devastation from climate change (another problem we cannot tackly because we must protect the economy), deaths of despair (suicide), and on and on, with profit and loss for the economy at the core of each of these issues.

I don't have a conclusion other than to say, to agree with you, that this is the world we live in and its gross and ugly and disgustingly selfish and self-serving for those lucky few with power and resources.

I don't want to live in this world. This world is an affront to my basic human sensibilities, to many, many others' as well, and I feel despair, as in: I didn't sign up for this and I want nothing to do with this, but there is no way out of all this cruelty, ignorance, greed and selfishness and stupidity.


Is anybody out there?

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