Freedom Is Rare; Claim It When You Can (In Honor of National Novel Writing Month)

Cogito Ergo Scribo
5 min readOct 30, 2023
words, words, words

It can be anything you want.

Anything at all.

It can be big, small, colorful or drab, grandiose or understated, loud or contemplative . . . It can be anything.

Imagine such freedom.

You can be anything you want.

Maybe this morning it is a chivalrous knight astride a majestic horse riding through a haunted forest on a quest to save the beautiful damsel, who is, of course, capable of saving herself, and not really in need of saving, but everybody knows, damsel and knight alike, that the story cannot proceed without some demonstration of bravery and honor, or else, what’s the purpose of being a knight? So you save the damsel from the evil overlord and ride off into the sunset wherein, presumably, some romancing will occur.

But, that’s not all.

Oh no.

I said: Imagine the freedom.

You don’t have to be a knight. You can be depressed too. Maybe it’s because your significant other has been ignoring you for days going on a week and you don’t know what’s going on, but you do know that it keeps happening, these disappearing acts, and they get longer and longer, and it doesn’t feel good so you feel depressed about it and maybe you want to be sad and forlorn and lonely and sitting next to a body of water on the grass in the complete and utter stillness in the moments before sunrise when the horizon is just beginning to light and the whole world is in a strange state of twilight and you are just waiting for something to happen and you don’t want this new day to begin and you wish the sun wouldn’t rise and you could just stay here sitting in this wet grass on the cold ground and hold the entire day off for a week or a month because you are afraid of what the day might bring.

Don’t you see: it can be anything.

There’s a Wall Street trader and he’s having an affair with a high-powered lawyer and her husband finds out and he’s a real killer, like a total psychopath, and so he begins hunting the Wall Street guy and making his life miserable like slashing his tires and hacking his accounts and spreading all kinds of rumors about him among his high-powered…