How Did You Meet.


You’re cool.
You’re super cool.
You’re super hero cool.

That’s a cool above cools.

You’re beautiful.
You’re work of art beautiful.
You are made of art beautiful.

That’s a beauty above beauty.

You’re clever.
You’re rob-a-bank,
Get out of jail clever.
You’re steal a heart,
Cross the border clever.

That’s a clever above the most clever.

You’re sweet.
You’re kiss-me-on-the-cheek sweet.
You’re a sugar high sweet.
You are saccharine among sodium.

That’s a sweetness a step above sweetness.

You’re a lover.
You’re my lover.
You’re a lover above lovers.

A heart above stones.
A heart full of stories.

A lover who will not let go.



Cogito Ergo Scribo