How to Make Life Meaningful, Among a Sea of Meaninglessness

Cogito Ergo Scribo
5 min readSep 8
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So, there’s gotta be some writing done. That’s the drill. That’s the routine. That’s the habit. Get some writing done. Get some words down. Finalize some thoughts. Make a point. Make it descriptive. Make it eloquent. Make it meaningful.

Make it matter.

That’s the tough one.

Make it matter.

What if none of it matters? What if none of these words, those words, their words, any words — what if none of it really matters?

What if all of this feeling, good and bad, intense and immediate, past, present, and future, none of this manufactured human affect, none of these emotions, what if none of that crap matters?

All this love and hate and joy and jealousy and happiness and pride and envy and annoyance and guilt and shame and surprise and satisfaction and compassion and contentment, what if none of this really matters?

Because, here’s the God’s honest truth, in a few decades or days, all of us, to a person, without exception, end up dead and buried and six feet under or a pile of filthy ashes, and soon after that, we are forgotten, the sadness of our loss lessens, the memories of us in others fade, and like our body decomposing underground, the whole of us just fades away, and life goes on; people move on.

They get over it.

Not only that, think of all the intense emotions you have felt in your life. The times you believed you just couldn’t go on. Maybe it was a breakup. Maybe it was the loss of a coveted job, or status, or position. Maybe it was bankruptcy. Maybe your mother died. Father. Brother. Grandparent. Loyal pet. Maybe it was a car accident and you broke your back. A cancer diagnosis.

It doesn’t matter the specific. You remember the time. You remember the emotion.

But, you got over it. It no longer has its bite. Its venom has been neutralized. It no longer holds any power or sway over you.

It is just a memory.

It sure was important at the time.

It sure felt like the world was ending. But, it didn’t.

Cogito Ergo Scribo