It’s Time For Our Obligatory Two Minutes Hate

Cogito Ergo Scribo
5 min readOct 12, 2023
You must hate.

Animals! Barbarians! Murderers! Rapists! Baby-killers!

We are talking about Hamas, of course.

I am not talking about the politics of the situation, I am talking about the media coverage of the situation, and how the “enemy” is portrayed as:


Let me continue by saying: war is an atrocity.

The larger point is: Orwell was right in his observation of the human tendency and enjoyment of hate, and how this hate is used to control a population by focusing everyone’s anger and fear toward a common enemy, always shifting enemy — which enemy it is doesn’t matter, only that there is an enemy.

There always must be an enemy.

In my lifetime, the enemy has been Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, France, Vietnam, North Korea, Lebanon, Panama, Afghanistan, Syria, the Terrorists, Terrorists, Terrorists.

In each case, we are asked to hate these people.

Hamas is only the latest focus of our collective rage and hate.

Again, this isn’t about politics. I don’t care of you’re pro-Palestine or pro-Israel. The point is the hate, the always shifting alliances, and the continuation of new foci for all of our collective rage and hate.

In Orwell’s 1984, during the “Two Minutes Hate,” images of Goldstein and other enemies of the Party are shown on the telescreen. These images are accompanied by visceral depictions of war, destruction, and betrayal. Goldstein’s face morphs into that of a sheep, and eventually, the crowd’s hatred is not only directed at Goldstein but at the larger, ambiguous enemy (for example, Eurasia or Eastasia, depending on the constantly shifting alliances).

The communal nature of the hate is crucial. It has to be a community affair. Doing it in a group makes it seem like it’s a-okay to hate, because after all, everybody is doing it, everybody is all calling forth all of these ugly emotions, saying nasty things, barbaric things about what they would like to do to the objects of their hate, the kinds of things your mother would wash your mouth out with soap for saying if you were not saying and thinking and feeling these things collectively.