Medium is already there.

I learned early, if you want to get readers or listed on Medium, your article must begin with: "3-5-7 Ways <something unimportant> Matters to YOU!"

My feed is filling more and more with misinformation, with clickbait, with material, just like the rest of the web, intended to outrage -- the more polemical, the better.

Our information ecosystem is totally corrupted, because, like everything else in the world, it's all about money and likes and shares with no regard for morals, virtue, or anything resembling public good.

We are done, folks. Our Great Society has failed and the planet is actively getting rid of the human vermin we have spawned, and rightly so -- it should get rid of the human population as fast as possible and make room for evolution to try again.

Yeah, we've got these big brains but the best thing we can think up to do with them is hoard any form of wealth and power.

Agent Smith: "Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet . . . a plague." You may disagree, certainly, that is your right, but if you look at the macro view, look at Earth as an outsider, and consider the evolution of homo sapiens and our impact on the planet, you would not be far off-base in coming to a similar conclusion as Agent Smith.


Is anybody out there?

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