Things Fall Apart, and That’s the Point

Cogito Ergo Scribo
6 min readSep 27
the treadmill

Everything is falling apart.

That’s how it feels, at least.

The bathroom downstairs keeps flooding. There have been days where there’s no water, and then all of a sudden, I wake up one morning to find a puddle of water on the floor, not a bunch of water, just a pool 3 feet in diameter around the toilet.

The first thing I did was close the water valve to the toilet so no water is coming in from there, to see if the leak was coming from there, or from the toilet itself, which I emptied of most of its water.

A few days and no water on the floor, which had me thinking the water was coming from the toilet, maybe one of the connections to the tank, but then I wake up in the morning to find a pool of water on the floor, which I clean up with towels and a mop, and when I get home from work that day: no water on the floor!

But, the next morning, there is water on the floor.

This is yesterday morning.


I called the plumber and made an appointment for Thursday morning (tomorrow).

I clean up the mess yesterday morning and throw the wet towels in the wash and begin the wash cycle and sit down at my computer in my office which is just a few steps from this affected bathroom and as I hear the washing machine begin its spin cycle, I also hear gurgling coming from the bathroom and when I step in there I see water burbling in the toilet boil and water beginning to spill out from around the base of the toilet, where it meets the floor, which leads me to deduce the drain is clogged and this is what is causing the water to back up.

It’s not bad though, still just a 3 foot diameter pool which I easily mop up.

The plumber is scheduled so no big deal.

I got up this morning and the floor is dry.


Maybe it sorted itself out. I think to myself.

I eat breakfast and take the dog for a walk and return home to find not only the bathroom, but the hallway leading to the bathroom flooded, and not just with a little bit of water, but a lot of water.

Cogito Ergo Scribo