Thor Says . . . Nothing

Cogito Ergo Scribo
2 min readMar 31, 2021

<Thor says nothing>

Thor thinks in images, not words.

They are hard to paint and even harder to describe.

There is violence; many reds and deep, bruised blues. This is easy enough to see and describe. There is a lot of violence. Never-ending violence. Hammers and axes and arrows that always fly true, straight to the heart, bursting it with a god-like precision, the kind of thing you expect, streaming from the mind of a god such as Thor.

There is sex in the violence. Aggressive and animal-like. There are no words, only images, sounds like a banshee scream; a moist and pungent smell. There is grunting and groaning, slapping and slurping, and all kinds of wetness, wetness everywhere, but this is what Thor likes so we will not judge him for his imagery.

There is no kindness in these images. There is no quarter. There is only winning. There is domination. There is selfishness. It’s all about me, that much is clear. You don’t need words to perceive that. There is single-mindedness, and supreme self-righteousness.

There are angry words and evil words, and they flow easily, with grace like Thor’s golden locks in the winds whipping through the cavernous fjords. You must see that there are places that the sun does not shine, literally. There are places where the sunlight can never reach, such are the depths of these fjords, and the power of these words that echo and bounce around these mighty granite walls.

It’s lucky these words are nothing more than images.

You will find, the less you know about Thor, the better.

Cogito Ergo Scribo